Chic festival outfit


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With a lot of festivals coming up, I wanted to show you a chic/comfy summer festival outfit. We still want to look fabulous..;)

1. Jill Aztec clutch from Etsy
2. Supertrash blouse
3. H&M necklace
4. Mango short
5. Fred de la Bretoniere wedges

At least some self tanning spray, pink nail polish and colorful bracelets:)


DIY; Neon necklace


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My first DIY project and I’m really happy with the result! I was looking for a neon necklace but couldn’t find one, so I decided to make one myself! I will show you step by step how I did it.

What you need:
Neon nail polish
A necklace (best with transparent stones)
Cue tips and nail polish remover (to remove some nail polish)

I couldn’t find neon nail polish so I decided to order them online (on Marktplaats), I got these for €0,90 each.

I bought this necklace at a jewelry shop for €10

First I was afraid to start but eventually I just started with one color at a place I liked. You’ll need one coat, let it dry, paint it again etc.
I did pink and orange first because I wanted those two colors to really pop out.. After those stones were completely dry I painted the yellow and blue ones. Last I put a topcoat over the stones, and Voila! I actually love that there are still black stones on the necklace but I think I’m gonna make another one soon! Can’t get enough of the neon trend!!:D Hope you liked this DIY and will follow me in the future! Just click on the links in the sidebar!

New in! House of Poems


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Last weekend I went shopping with my mom in Laren and Hilversum. I had never heard about House of Poems but when I entered the store it was like heaven to me! All the good brands and items in one store! They’ve got a big variety of scandinavian brands like; Second Female (already one of my favorite), Just Female, Samsoe & Samsoe, Modstrom and Soaked in Luxury. The owner was really kind and helpful, in half an hour I stood outside with a bag full of amazing clothes. I also wanted to buy the skull bracelet shown below, but I decided not to. When we were going to pay he said I could pick a bracelet!! Of course I already knew which one I was going to choose:D I had the best shopping experience in ages thanks to this amazing store! I will definitley go back soon!

You can follow (or look at the collection) House of Poems on their Site or Facebook!

And now… I’m really excited to show you what I got and curious what you think of it!:D
Photos: House of Poems 
Second Female
Second Female ModstromSecond Female GestuzWhite: Black Orchid // Yellow: Cimarron

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Supertrash Neon collection!!


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Photos by Supertrash
Supertrash just came out with a new neon collection, I think they did a good (not great) job.. Normally I’m a big fan of Supertrash but I’d expected more. It’s pretty basic and most of the items are quite expensive. I fell in love with one item; the blazer on the third image, they’ve also made it in a neon pink/coral color! Think it’s beautiful with a summer tan, unfortunately I don’t tan easily..
You can order the collection on or in their stores!
I’m curious what you think of it!
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Primark collection summer 2012


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I got some new pictures of the Primark summer collection!:) Prepare for a lot of prints.. I’m curious what you guys think of it! Think I’m going to the Primark soon to get some of these printed pieces..

Tunic €13 // Printed shorts €11 // Platform heels €19
Dress €21 in stores around mid May
Printed blouse €11 // Printed legging €6 // Wedges €17 // Earrings €3
Top €8 // Pencil skirt €11 // Pink bangle €5 // bracelet €5
Blouse €11 // Printed trousers €17 // Peeptoe wedges €17
Sleeveless shirt with front tie €9 // Floral pencil skirt €13 // Platform sandal €19 // Notebook sleeve €7 // Spike collar €5 in stores around early may
Printed blazer €25 // Black bustier €11 // Mini skirt €13 // Metallic tote €12 // Platform heels €19

Photos by Primark

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