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Last weekend I went shopping with my mom in Laren and Hilversum. I had never heard about House of Poems but when I entered the store it was like heaven to me! All the good brands and items in one store! They’ve got a big variety of scandinavian brands like; Second Female (already one of my favorite), Just Female, Samsoe & Samsoe, Modstrom and Soaked in Luxury. The owner was really kind and helpful, in half an hour I stood outside with a bag full of amazing clothes. I also wanted to buy the skull bracelet shown below, but I decided not to. When we were going to pay he said I could pick a bracelet!! Of course I already knew which one I was going to choose:D I had the best shopping experience in ages thanks to this amazing store! I will definitley go back soon!

You can follow (or look at the collection) House of Poems on their Site or Facebook!

And now… I’m really excited to show you what I got and curious what you think of it!:D
Photos: House of Poems 
Second Female
Second Female ModstromSecond Female GestuzWhite: Black Orchid // Yellow: Cimarron

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